Planning & Budgeting

Your Initial Consultation: What to Expect.

When you call us, we’ll set up an initial consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

Frank Bowman, owner of Frank Bowman Designs, will sit down with you, listen to your ideas for your dream outdoor living space, and take a look at your environment. Frank will show you previous work, as well as discuss with you the pros and cons of your wish list.

At your very first meeting, we want to get to know you. Because we’re creating a one-of-a-kind swimming pool designed to complement your personality and your home, we encourage you to dream big.

A Design or a Work of Art?

During the design phase, you’ll meet personally with Frank again.

Frank’s job is to provide you with a detailed, full-size plan that fulfills your most creative dreams, and works within your budget.

The swimming pool and landscape architectural plan will give you a very good idea of what your finished product will look like, so you can make sure it’s exactly everything you want.

Every swimming pool and landscape architectural plan is unique to each client. Your swimming pool and landscape design plan will be your very own—there will be no other plan like it. And once you have the plan in your hands, you own it.

Executing Contracts and Permits Seamlessly.

Before you sign your contract with us, we’ll narrow down the scope of work, and make sure everything fits within your budget.

Once you have signed your contract, we enter the permit phase. Throughout North Carolina & Virginia, each city, town and county has its own set of rules and regulations.

We take care of the entire permit process, ensuring that we receive permits without hassle and with the least amount of delay.


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